Whatever age and whatever level of support you require, Symmetrikit has a solution.

Whether you are  looking to keep a client ambulant, improve an existing high chair or need more complex relax seating, our seating specialists have the answer "on board" so you don't need to make multiple appointments to find the best solution.

Our modular products come with built in recyclability - they can be easily "refreshed" and reconfigured to meet different users requirements.

It's no secret - we have a sister company that designs and manufactures pressure relieving cushions so we can bring you the most appropriate level of comfort and protection.

Alternative relaxed seating

These “Chill out Chairs” offer an alternative to being sat in one position in your wheelchair for the whole day. Built in adjustments, Tilt in Space and pressure relieving cushions means that you can finally relax in a supported position


It's all in the Frame

Our modular design means that anyone can get comfortable in a Symmetrikit chair.  Most clients find that the standard chair can be adjusted to give a high level of comfortable support for both function and relaxation. If you require a little more personalisation, this can easily be achieved using our standard Core Module and selecting the appropriate arms, back rest and height setting.


Sitting well is harder than it looks - we can make it easy

It takes effort to maintain a balanced position - if you can't do that, your chair has to do it for you.

Without proper support you may end up adopting a bad posture, running out of puff, stuck in bed or confined to a wheelchair for the entire day.

It may be that you need just a bit of functional support - it may be that you need something more complex. Either way, with our modular Symmetrikit chair, we can help by providing just the right amount of support for your needs.